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  • Professional Liability Programs

    In Jan 2013, many of our physician colleagues responded to a survey about what you look for when choosing a professional liability program. The survey revealed that many of you have a highly rated, low cost program and are satisfied. There are others who would choose a new program if equal quality could be achieved at a lower cost. In addition, the survey analysis revealed that, in 2013, we are experiencing a competitive market so many carriers are offering their lowest prices. We had hoped to create a lower cost alternative program for you that recognizes your high quality practice in our Kindred facilities. However, we could not find a carrier willing to create a program meeting your pricing expectations (15% off lowest market price). Thus, we compiled a list of highly rated choices with links for your convenience. We sought counsel from highly qualified professional liability brokers in compiling this list.

    Please note: contacting your local or state medical society can be valuable as they typically have a list of endorsed insurance brokers who can decrease the amount of time you spend on finding the best plan for you.

    Medical Protective -

    The Doctors Company -

    Pro Assurance -

    Norcal / Medicus -

    Hudson Speciality Insurance -

    Capson -
    Note: These companies do not operate in all states and some have not been in business long enough to achieve a quality rating. However, Capson has an easy on-line application and is well-respected.

    Kindred does not endorse individual products, nor does Kindred have a proprietary relationship with any of these carriers.