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  • Kindred Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

    Dedicated to Hope, Healing and Recovery

    Kindred’s long-term acute care hospitals provide care for patients who are seriously ill with multiple medical problems. These patients require aggressive, specialized interdisciplinary care and extended recovery time.

    Our patients come to us to continue receiving the most appropriate critical care for their condition as we help transition them to the next stage of their recovery. In 2011, almost 70% of our patients went home or to a lower level of care.

    Kindred has over two decades of expertise in ventilator care and we successfully wean 44% of the patients referred to us, most of whom were considered unable to be weaned from a ventilator because of multisystem failure.

    Our patients often need the following types of care:

    • pulmonary care (ventilator management and weaning)
    • complex wound care
    • transitional or subacute care (intensive short-term rehab therapy)
    • dialysis
    • IV antibiotic therapy
    • pain management

    Our hospitals have 24-hour physician support and the ancillary services found at an acute care hospital, including laboratory, radiology, operating or procedure rooms, intensive care units and telemetry units. They are licensed as acute care hospitals and accredited by The Joint Commission.